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About Us

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Nomination Procedure

120 days prior to the Annual Meeting, Mainstreet Credit Union Chairman of the Board of Directors, Carol McNary, appointed a nominating committee of three or more credit union members.  The Nominating Committee will nominate one credit union member for each board vacancy, including any unexpired term vacancies.  Each nominee will be contacted and must agree to accept if elected.

90 days prior to the Annual Meeting, nominations will be filed with the Secretary of the Board,Gene Salmans.

Nominations for vacancies may also be made by petition signed by one percent of the members with a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 500.Petitions must be received by the Secretary of the Board, Gene Salmans, by March 19, 2016.


Election Procedure

When there are equal numbers of accepted nominees as board positions to be filled, written ballots at the Annual Meeting are not required. Therefore, the election process on April 28, 2016, may not be conducted by ballot and there may not be nominations from the floor. 

75 days prior to the Annual Meeting, this notification serves as the written announcement of nominees to all credit union members eligible to vote.

A brief written statement of qualifications and biographical information of nominees, when approved by the Board, will be posted 35 days prior to the Annual Meeting.  No later than March 24, 2016.