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Target Card Breach Update

Debit Cards Blocked in Some Areas of the Country

Be aware that in many areas of the U.S., MasterCard debit card transactions have been blocked because of excessive fraud associated with the Target issue. If you plan to travel, call Mainstreet before leaving to find out what areas of the country have the block in place. We will also be able to unblock your card before you go. In addition, using your PIN on debit card transactions ensures that the transactions will go through and will not be blocked, so keep that in mind as well.

Email Phishing Alert

Beware of Phishing emails related to the Target breach.

Emails that look like they are from Target are playing on the fears of the public that they may have had their card compromised.

Proceed with caution if you receive an email from Target. Do NOT OPEN any links that may be included in these emails. This could potentially allow additional access to your personal information.

Target plans to post any and all emails to their breach-related site so its customers will know the difference between valid emails and phishing emails.

For more information:
Target's site related to the breach.
Bank Info Security news article related to phishing emails.


Earlier Information on the Target Card Breach 

Recent news reports indicate a potential data breach for credit and debit cards used at Target Stores between November 27 and December 15. The breach did not involve any personal information such as social security numbers.  

Mainstreet Credit Union is currently identifying any member accounts that may have been impacted. If it is suspected that an account has been impacted, members will be contacted directly and a new card will be issued. In the meantime, existing cards can continue to be used.

Mainstreet Credit Union actively monitors potential fraud on Mainstreet MasterCard Credit and Debit Card accounts, and assumes liability for fraudulent activity. In addition, members should review their statements for any suspicious activity.

Members who have a Mainstreet MasterCard Credit Card and have identified suspected fraud activity should call the Credit Union at 913-599-1010 or 1-866-604-0381 after hours. A report of loss will be taken and a new card will be issued immediately.

Members who have a Mainstreet MasterCard Debit Card and have identified suspected fraud activity should call the Credit Union at 913-599-1010 or 1-800-523-4175 after hours to have the card blocked. The next step is to contact Credit Union personnel at 913-599-1010 Monday – Friday between 9am and 5pm to report the fraud and to have a new card issued immediately.