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Mobile & OnlineAccess



The easy, secure, and private way to pay

Beyond managing your money through our app, you can use your Mainstreet Credit Union credit or debit card with Apple Pay to make in-store and in-app purchases even easier.


Interbank Transfer


Interbank Transfers allow you to set up electronic transfers between your Mainstreet Credit Union Account and accounts at ANY other financial institution.


To get started, simply log into OnlineAccess and click the Additional tab. There you can click on Interbank Transfer to enroll. You will need information, such as routing and account numbers, for any accounts you would like to link. After your accounts are verified, you will see a new tab in OnlineAccess and the account will be available in transfers on the Mobile App. 

Interbank Transfer FAQ's

Mobile Deposit




Now there is no need to carry that check around or try to make time to drive to your nearest branch. Mainstreet’s Mobile Deposit lets you deposit checks from anywhere, so you can have your money faster.

To get started, simply log into OnlineAccess and click the Additional tab. There you can click on Mobile Deposit to enroll.


Using the Mainstreet Mobile App, members can deposit a check after clicking the Deposit icon at the app’s home menu. Take a photo of the front and back of the check using your phone’s camera, enter the check amount, and select account to deposit the check into.

Mobile Deposit FAQ's






Mobile App

MCU Mobile smart phone and tablet App

MCU Mobile is great for on the go banking. Bank securely wherever you are with your iPhone, iPad, or Android app.

• Download the MCU Mobile app from Google Play (Android) or the Apple store, by searching for “Mainstreet Credit Union.”


• Visit OnlineAccess to change your mobile settings


• Start using MCU Mobile for account balances, transfers, deposits, bill paying and more.

Mobile Access



Apps not an option? Visit mobile.mainstreetcu.org on your mobile device for easy, secure and 24/7 banking.

MobileAccess Web can be accessed from any smart phone after you have completed the signup process from the number you entered in mobile web settings.


Please note: AT&T customers will have three options to choose from. If you do not know which to choose, please contact AT&T for more information.



Managing your Mainstreet accounts is easy and secure with OnlineAccess. Log on anywhere, any time, and for any reason.


You can view up-to-the-minute account information, make loan payments, transfer funds* and view or print your account statements.


You can also export account information to your personal financial management software.


Call (913) 599-1010 to sign up for OnlineAccess or stop your nearest branch.

OnlineAccess FAQs

*Federal Regulation D allows up to six (6) withdrawals, transfers for overdrafts (NSF’s), pre-authorized automatic or telephone transfers per month. These transfers include automatic clearing house (ACH) transactions from one of your share accounts to another account at the credit union, or to a third party.


MobileAccess Agreement

Text Mobile Access


Text MobileAccess provides access to your account via the mobile number use in the settings. This service allows ONLY ONE PHONE NUMBER PER ACCOUNT.

Text Commands

Bal = All Acct Bal


Bal Acct Name = Single Acct Bal

Hist = All Accts recent Activity

Hist = Acct Name = Single Acct Activity

Help = Commands

Stop = Cancel


Sign up for eStatements for faster access. You will receive an email at the beginning of each month when your previous month’s statement is ready for you to view. Your account will allow you to access to up to 18 months of statements.


This free service is part of Mainstreet’s OnlineAccess home banking. Ask a representative to sign up for your eStatements today.





Your 24-Hour Voice Response System
Toll-Free 888.316.2400

Access your Mainstreet accounts 24/7 from any phone with PhoneAccess. Check account balances, transfer funds, make loan payments and more.


PhoneAccess is extremely convenient and easy to navigate. It is based on the “two-digit suffix” system that identifies your savings, checking and loans at Mainstreet. The transaction codes for PhoneAccess are shown below.

Important Points to Remember When Using PhoneAccess


  • First time callers will be asked to select an Access Code, followed by pre-menu selections.
  • We recommend first time users navigate the system in Menu Mode to become familiar with the steps.
  • Returning callers may use Expert Mode, allowing you to enter the codes below.
  • All accounts are designated with two-digit suffixes to identify them. PhoneAccess will refer to them as Share IDs (savings), Checking IDs and Loan IDs. Should you have more than one savings, checking or loan, you will need to know their specific IDs to distinguish them within the PhoneAccess system. Please note: IRAs and Certificates are considered shares, while accounts with check-writing privileges are considered checking.

Initial Menu of Options
1 Main Menu of Services
2 Current Loan Rates
3 Mortgage Rates
4 Share Savings Account Rates
5 Share and IRA Certificate Rates
6 Credit Union Locations and
Hours of Operation

10 Share Balance
12 Share to Loan Transfer
13 Share to Checking Transfer
14 Share to Share Transfer
16 Share History
17 Deposit History
19 All Share List

20 Loan Balance
21 Loan to Share Transfer
22 Interest Paid
23 Loan to Checking Transfer
25 Loan Payoff Amount
26 Loan History
27 Loan Payment History
28 Loan Payment Inquiry
29 All Loan List
40 Mortgage Loan Inquiry

30 Checking Balance
31 Checking to Share Transfer
32 Checking to Loan Transfer
36 Check History
37 Check Number Range
38 Check Number Inquiry

12 Share to Loan Transfer
13 Share to Checking Transfer
14 Share to Share Transfer
21 Loan to Share Transfer
23 Loan to Checking Transfer
31 Checking to Share Transfer
32 Checking to Loan Transfer

General Inquiries
50 Information on Your
Credit Card
51 Make a Credit Card Payment
60 Last Deposit
61 Last Payroll Deposit
62 Point Of Sale History
63 Debit Card History
64 ATM History
65 ACH History
66 Payroll History
81 Dividend Paid
82 IRA Contributions

Account Preferences
1 Help
9 Change to Menu Mode
91 New Access Code
93 Change Language
96 New Account Number
99 Goodbye


Call Mainstreet at 913.599.1010 or 888.395.1010 to sign-up.

Printer-friendly list of PhoneAccess Transaction Codes.