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ATM/Check Card


Check Card

Mainstreet combines the convenience of an ATM Card and Debit Card into a Check Card. Use your Check Card to get cash at any of the 28,000 Surcharge-Free ATMs around the U.S. You can also use your Check Card to pay for purchases with any merchant who accepts MasterCard® - in many cases you canGirls shopping even get cash back with the use of your PIN number. You can enjoy quick access to your account and the convenience of immediate purchasing power without the hassle of checks. Just present the card to the merchant like you would with any credit card and purchases are deducted automatically from your checking account. Plus, you pay no annual fee or monthly fees for the card.

ATM Card

Access your accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with your Mainstreet ATM Card. Get cash in a hurry from your checking or savings account by accessing Mainstreet's Surcharge-Free ATM Network. You can also make deposits at the ATMs located at Mainstreet offices, and there are no transaction fees at Mainstreet machines.

Click here for a list of Mainstreet ATM locations.

  • Text a street address or zip code or "City State" to 692667 (my coop) to find the closest CO-OP ATM locations.

After-hours support

After-hours support is available for:

  • PIN reset
  • Report lost or stolen cards
  • Report out of state travel plans
  • Explanation of declined transactions

Debit Card or ATM Card

Phone: (913) 599-1010 

Toll-free: 888-395-1010

Debit Card or ATM Card ……Please press 1.