Virtual Member Experience

Gabi is here to help you connect!

Gabi is a new personalized messaging system that will improve your membership experience and offer you access to the information you need quicker.

We’re here for you, and now just a click away

Our new chat feature will offer you an opportunity to connect with us on a different level, on a variety of platforms that you can access from anywhere. Gabi is a live communication tool that allows you to ask us questions and get help with your Mainstreet account all in one convenient service!

How does it work:

1) Look for the “Let’s Talk!” widget at the bottom right of the screen on our website. Gabi is ready to help you!

2) Choose what tool you would like to use to talk with one of our Mainstreet representatives. You can choose from the live chat feature or the on-screen guidance option.

3) Once you make your selection, you can start chatting with one of our Mainstreet representatives! Before any interaction, we will ask you some security questions to verify your identity.

Screen Sharing
We know that trying to describe and explain something over the phone can be
challenging sometimes, so now we offer the ability to add on-screen guidance to your
call. With this feature, we can help you navigate our online platforms while looking at your screen with you.

Live Chat
When you need assistance, you no longer need to wait on hold with a representative! We now offer the speed and convenience of chatting with a friendly representative who can help you with your needs and even show you how to find and do things on-screen when needed to save you valuable time.