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VISA® Reload Cards

Safe • Convenient • Easy to use

Mainstreet offers a reloadable card you can use almost anywhere VISA® debit cards are accepted.  A checking account is not required, and there is no interest rate. No credit check necessary, everyone qualifies. With the power of plastic you can enjoy many safe and convenient benefits.

The Reload card is easy to use. There are multiple ways to load your prepaid card including online, in-branch, direct deposit and via your Mainstreet account. You can also check your balance at any time with a simple text message.

Just think of the possibilities:

  • A safer way to carry money while traveling
  • Make online and in-store purchases
  • Reload the card at any time to increase your balance
  • Use it again and again
  • Access to ATMs

Great for Teenagers!    

  • Learn to budget
  • Use it to purchase gas at the pump
  • An easy way to pay an allowance to your teen

Plus, if you load $1,000 every 30 days, your monthly maintenance fee is waived! Talk with a Mainstreet representative to learn more today.

It's all made simple with your Reload card


VISA® Gift Cards

Mainstreet offers VISA® Gift Cards! It’s the perfect gift for graduation, birthdays or just because. This inexpensive gift card is accepted almost anywhere VISA® is accepted.

Additionally, unlike most convenience store gift cards, the Gift Card does not have a pre-determined amount. You can load the card with any dollar amount between $5 and $750. And, the Gift Card at Mainstreet has a low purchase price of only $2.50.

Another feature of this incredible gift card is the online registration. When you register your gift card, it creates a record of your transactions and personal information. So, in the event your card is lost or stolen, the remaining balance can be returned to you for a minimal fee.

Let Mainstreet help you shorten your gift list this year with a Gift Card. Talk with a Mainstreet representative to learn more about the VISA® Gift Card today.