Online Features

Online Access

View up-to-the-minute account information, make loan payments, transfer funds,* and view or print your account statements. You can also export account information to your personal finance management software. 

Stop by your nearest branch or call (913) 599-1010 to sign up today!


Save paper by signing up for eStatements. You will receive an email when your previous month’s statement is accessible. View up to 18 months of statements.

Interbank Transfer

Once you enroll for Online Access, you can set up electronic transfers between your Mainstreet Credit Union account and accounts at ANY other financial institution.


You can pay almost anyone you would normally pay with a check or debit card. Payments are automatically deducted from your Mainstreet checking account. Schedule one-time or recurring payments. Billpayer is free and available 24/7. Access Billpayer either online or with our mobile app.

Members must be signed up for OnlineAccess to use Mainstreets's BillPayer.

Mobile Features

Mobile App

Convenient account access with MCU Mobile. Our mobile app lets you access your accounts and make transactions from your smartphone or tablet.


Mobile Deposit 
Deposit checks from anywhere, so you can have your money faster. To get started, simply log into OnlineAccess and click the “Additional” tab. Then click on Mobile Deposit to enroll.


Mobile Access

Apps not an option? Visit on your smart phone for easy, secure, and 24/7 banking. Complete the signup process by entering your phone number in mobile web settings.

Please note: AT&T customers will have three options to choose from. If you do not know which to choose, please contact AT&T for more information.

Text MobileAccess

Texting to 89549 provides access to your account via the mobile number used in the settings. This service allows only one phone number per account. 

Text Commands


Apple Pay 
Use Apple Pay with iPhone 6 to pay in stores without swiping your Mainstreet credit and debit cards. Just pay with a single touch of your finger. 

Apple pay is private and secure. A unique Device Account Number is assigned, encrypted and securely stored. So, your actual credit or debit card numbers are not shared with merchants or transmitted with payment. 

Phone Access

Your 24-Hour Voice Response System:
913.599.2400 Toll-Free 888.316.2400 

Access your Mainstreet accounts 24/7 from any phone with PhoneAccess. Check account balances, transfer funds, make loan payments, and more.

Important Points to Remember When Using PhoneAccess:

  • First time callers will be asked to select an Access Code, followed by pre-menu selections.
  • Returning callers may use Expert Mode allowing you to enter the codes. 
  • All accounts are designated with two-digit suffixes to identify them. Share IDs (savings, IRAs and certificates), Checking IDs and Loan IDs. 

Menu of Options


*Federal Regulation D allows up to six (6) withdrawals, transfers for overdrafts (NSF’s), pre-authorized automatic or telephone transfers per month. These transfers include automatic clearing house (ACH) transactions from one of your share accounts to another account at the credit union, or to a third party. MobileAccess Agreement


Set up alerts via OnlineAccess by clicking  
User Options. 

  • Maturing CD
  • Expired Transfer
  • Insuffient Funds
  • Mailing Address Change
  • Enter above/below amount
  • Choose an amount and get notified when a debit card transaction is done over that amount. 
  • When checks clear
  • Invalid login attempts or ID change

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