Long row of smiling employees.

70 Acts of Kindness

Mainstreet Credit Union is celebrating our 70th anniversary this year and we want to extend the celebration through year-end. To celebrate we are kicking off 70 Acts of Kindness! To get things started, the marketing team has planned 7 BIG acts of kindness to help Mainstreet spread positivity throughout the community. The organizations we will be working with include KC Pet Project, Donors Choose, Head Start, Giving the Basics, Advent Health, Harvesters, and the Johnson County Christmas Bureau, and may be subject to change throughout the year.
Let’s pay it forward all year long! #70ActsofKindness
To kick things off Mainstreet partnered with the KC Pet Project. 
Staff from all our branches donated a Flex-Full of towels, toys, and pet food. 


"I saw someone I know turn around and give water to a man that looked like he was in distress and checked on their well-being."

-Tamia Mahone

A group of Mainstreet employees volunteered at a local school to help paint classrooms!

I helped my mom with a tune up to her car. Like oil change, spark plugs replacement, tire rotation, etc.

-David Israel 

To celebrate national high five day the HR team gave everyone who works at Mainstreet a Take Five candy bar.

I am very grateful to Marty Peterson and Matt Jacobs (mostly Marty) for their extraordinary kindness in lending a helping hand to load the heavy marketing items in the Flex for me. THANK YOU!
-Lisa Swinney

"This week I scanned my coworkers checks for her while she organized her things, she was having a rough day so I thought I would help."

-Julio Segura

I cut up fallen tree limbs for my son and then for another friend, and then took them to a drop off site.

-Greg Elliott

Suzanne Ray and Becky Howard take turns picking up lunch for the team due to being busy and unable to leave for lunch. 

-Weston Pollom

Jillian Miller donated to Mrs. Brown's classroom for her organize and refresh campaign! 

"I volunteer the 1st Tuesday of every month at Harvesters."
-Bill Purdy

Group of volunteers at Harvesters.

The Retirement and Investment team at Mainstreet gave all employees $10 for lunch!

"When my grandfather passed, I donated his old medical supplies to a local Veteran's home."

-Becky Howard 

The Mainly Fun team at Mainstreet gave all employees tickets to the Monarchs game to celebrate all the hard work they put in every single week!
"This gentleman was in the dollar tree and needed help shopping. I helped him get things down off the shelves. He was very appreciative and so was the cashier."
-Sherry Love

"My family packaged meals for Feed My Starving Children in Haiti last week. This was a wonderful experience. "
-Sara Dubois

Our Retirement & Investment Center donated to a local backpack drive! 
This weekend I took me and my children downtown and we were able to treat five fathers with a nice dinner for Father's Day!

-Shardae Moore 

 I donated clothes to Big Brother Big Sisters of Greater Kansas City this weekend.
-Michelle Anderson

Heather Balcom donated to Ms. Funk's classroom for her "Getting those Little Minds Working" fundraiser.
"Last week, I brought in cookies for everyone to celebrate the end of a long week."

-Jillian Miller

Laurance at the Olathe East team hadn't taken lunch yet today so I offered to warm her up a freezer meal so she could eat sooner when she went to lunch finally! 

-Mollee Anderson

Bill Purdy donated to Ms. Copes classroom for their future science projects!

To celebrate Mother's Day the HR team gave all of the women at Mainstreet a flower and card.

Mainstreet helped recognize Luis Carrillo, a custodian at Indian Trail, with the OPSF with a Sept CEERA Award.


In May, Mainstreet partnered with Giving the Basics. Staff from all of our branches donated over 600 hygiene products.

"Giving the Basics" Banner.

To celebrate Father's Day the HR team gave everyone who works at Mainstreet a fun pair of socks!


"Last year I had picked up 10 cats from an abandoned house to live with me. In March this year, I found all 10 of them homes! A few months later, I decided to start fostering dogs. I currently am fostering a dog called Mae. She is up for adoption and super adorable, definitely falling in love with her."

-Laci Chard

Stephanie Thomason donated to Mrs. Paige classroom to help with the funding for her new STEM Center.

Aaron Anton donated to Mrs. Dunbar's classroom for her Let's Read fundraiser!

I get rides home from some big-hearted coworkers! Jenette ,Lisa and Amanda have been so great at rotating days throughout the week!  With not being able to drive anymore, this is such a blessing and I hope they know that if there is anything I can do to help them I would be thrilled. 

-Tami Lewis

A friend and I took a lady that we know from church to dinner last week!

-Greg Elliot

We partnered with Scooter's Coffee to give all Advent Health employees a free cup of coffee and a bag of goodies!
-Kayla Hernandez

"I watched a friend's dog over the weekend!"
-Weston Pollom
Our Risk Management and Compliance team brought in a sweet treat for everyone to celebrate National Freezer Pop Day! 

Mainstreet employees holding freezer pops.

We appreciate Stephanie Thomason from Twin Creeks who graciously shared her employees with Wyandotte the day after a holiday. We are very short handed, and she stepped up to the plate and offered to help us out. 

-Julie Ferguson 

I want to give a shoutout to Bob! He gave me ride home last Friday.

-Tami Lewis

I helped an elderly neighbor get groceries and pick up around the house.

-Shelby Kelly

I delivered food to someone in need!

-Michelle Anderson

I donated dog toys, bedding, and treats to Unleashed, the shelter where I got my dog from!

-Jillian Miller

Our Mainly Fun team hosted an ice cream social for all employees!

I donated books to a local school!

-Becky Howard 

Jillian Miller brought in donuts for the office last week to celebrate the end of the week.

-Kayla Hernandez

Lisa Swinney donated to Ms. Messer's classroom for her new Art Discovery center.

Juliet Tuggle donated to Mrs. Crainshaw's classroom for her "All Aboard the STEAM Engine" project!

Anita Noyvong donated to a classroom at Growing Futures for new activity boards!

Amanda Burnett donated to Ms. Kimerer's classroom!

In our congregation when a member is sick or needing assistance with meals, we provide meals for them for a week. This month, we had a couple who ended up with the COVID virus so they were taken care of with meals for a week.

-Bianca Tuite

We donated school supplies to the Olathe School District for their annual backpack drive!

School supplies stacked in a car.

Mainstreet received a thank you note from The Pet Resource Center of Kansas City after they received our donations!

Thank you card with dogs on it.
Every week, employees volunteer at Meals on Wheels to hand out meals to local residents in Lenexa.

Bob Mayes standing with Meal on Wheels employee.

Stephanie Thomason won a Target gift card in an employee raffle!