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Youth Clubs

Build a strong foundation for your future with a Youth Club Account. Mainstreet Credit Union is pleased to offer our Youth Clubs for young members. A Share Account opened for members up to age 19 automatically becomes a ”Youth Club membership." Once established, your child's Credit Union membership lasts a lifetime to help provide for his or her financial needs into adulthood. The Youth Clubs teach children and young adults about saving money, spending it wisely, and how financial matters can be fun and educational.

Kick It Club
$olid $avers
Teens with a Saving Spirit

Videos worth watching

Making Credit Unions relevant to Young Adults:  http://bit.ly/1bGAume.

"Thank My Piggy Bank" http://bit.ly/1kSWejs


What in the world is a Googolplex?**

A Googolplex is the largest number with a name. More than millions and trillions and billions! And this is how much knowledge Googolplex websites and newsletters contain for you!

The 5-Spot, AJ’s and C-Note contain stories, games, and puzzles for elementary, middle, and high school students.

It's all about money—earning it, saving it, spending it, and borrowing it. And, there are lots of contests to enter for chances to win cash and other prizes.


Current Googolplex stories of interest:

Get creative with clothing and accessories


Creative Writing: Getting your script published


Save Fuel by How You Drive



Don’t forget to check out the quarterly newsletters for information on winners and upcoming events and contests!

Kick It Club -ages 2-19

Join our youth Kick It Club (KIC), ages 2-19, and earn Sporting KC rewards. The KIC teams up financial management with the fun and excitement of Sporting Kansas City soccer. To participate, youth members agree to the KIC Promise by committing to a personal savings goal.

Example of a personal savings goal -

  • $eemore $avings wants to save enough money to buy a new iPod touch, which costs $188.
  • $eemore sets his goal to save $188 by July 31. 
  • If he reaches his goal by July 31, he will receive a KIC shirt.

We'll help you set your goal date and amount, but you'll need to have a reward in mind! To help you reach your goal, you'll receive an incentive each time you deposit money into your savings account.

Call to talk with one of our friendly Member Service Representative today for more information on the KIC or stop by any office to make your KIC Promise.

$olid $avers Club -ages 0-12

Children can begin early in life to build strong financial habits. $olid $avers provides an easy way to teach kids to spend, save, and share. $eemore $avings, our lovable cricket mascot, helps teach kids the importance of saving and goal-setting through a rewards program, fun activities, and an online newsletter just for them. For each deposit, young members can earn tokens that are redeemable for prizes at the $olid $aver $tore. A $5 minimum balance is all it takes for kids up to age 12 to learn $eemore's good saving habits.

$olid $aver $tore

$olid $avers are rewarded each time they make a deposit into their savings account with a token.  Then, they can use their tokens to cash in on various prizes. See current items below.

  • 1 token -5 Assorted Tattoos
  • 2 tokens -1 Bubble Pen
  • 3 tokens -Slinky
  • 6 tokens - Deck of Playing Cards
  • 8 tokens - $5 McDonalds Gift Card
  • 20 tokens -AMC Movie Pass -$10 Value
  • 30 tokens -Game Stop -$20 Value

Tokens are awarded as follows:

1 token = deposit of $5.00 - $49.99
2 tokens = deposit of $50.00 - $74.99
3 tokens = deposit of $75.00 - $99.99
4 tokens = deposit of $100.00 or greater

** 2 extra tokens will be awarded for any $olid $aver who opens a $olid $aver Share Certificate.

No more than 4 tokens will be given out for any one deposit and only one deposit per day will be recognized for token rewards. $olid $avers must be present at the time of deposit.

Click here for kids' calculator.

Teens with a Saving Spirit  -ages 13-19

Members in this age group learn more about financial goal-setting and more young adult financial concepts such as ATM cards, debit cards, and checking accounts. With a minimum opening balance of $5, members ages 13-19 have access  to an educational and entertaining online newsletter with valuable information for their financial future.

These young members also have the benefit of the Googolplex. There’s a wealth of information on Googleplex, with something new every week: stories, games, videos, blog posts, poll questions, and fresh ongoing dialogue in the form of posted comments from their peers (monitored). It's packed with information on how to manage money and finances, including:

  • Borrowing
  • Budgeting
  • Saving
  • Investing
  • Spending