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Youth Clubs

Build a strong foundation for your future with a Youth Club Account. Mainstreet Credit Union is pleased to offer our Youth Clubs for young members. A Share Account opened for members up to age 19 automatically becomes a ”Youth Club membership." Once established, your child's Credit Union membership lasts a lifetime to help provide for his or her financial needs into adulthood. The Youth Clubs teach children and young adults about saving money, spending it wisely, and how financial matters can be fun and educational.

Goal Getters
Sporting Goal Getters

Videos worth watching

Making Credit Unions relevant to Young Adults:  http://bit.ly/1bGAume.

"Thank My Piggy Bank" http://bit.ly/1kSWejs

Goal Getters – Ages 0-12 years old. 

This program is based on the Save, Spend, Share philosophy. Building a solid financial foundation begins early in life; and as a Goal Getter you can learn to spend, save and share as soon as you start earning money.

Goal Getters learn the importance of financial goal-setting by earning tokens each time a deposit is made into your savings account. Then, you can use those tokens for prizes!

Current Goal Getter items:

• 1 token -5 Assorted Tattoos

• 2 tokens -1 Bubble Pen

• 3 tokens -Slinky

• 6 tokens - Deck of Playing Cards

• 8 tokens - $5 McDonalds Gift Card

• 20 tokens -AMC Movie Pass -$10 Value

• 30 tokens -Game Stop -$20 Value


Tokens are awarded as follows:

1 token = deposit of $5.00 - $49.99

 2 tokens = deposit of $50.00 - $74.99

 3 tokens = deposit of $75.00 - $99.99

 4 tokens = deposit of $100.00 or greater

 No more than 4 tokens will be given out for any one deposit and only one deposit per day will be recognized for token rewards. Goal Getter must be present at the time of deposit.


Sporting Goal Getters – ages 5 to 15 years old.

Mainstreet Credit Union and Sporting Kansas City have teamed up to create an opportunity for an elite group of Goal Getters each soccer season!

Sporting Goal Getters are required to have an account with Mainstreet and must be willing to commit to four savings goals. Each goal requires a Promise be filled out. After meeting each goal you will receive a Gold Star pin for your lanyard and a Sporting Kansas City prize!

Gold Level

 - $30 deposit (Current accounts or a new accounts within Mainstreet’s Field of Membership.)

Children receive:

- Certificate of participation

- Lanyard

- One free general admission tickets to a select Sporting KC home game

- One ticket to Sporting Goal Getter’s end of the season party

Gold Level Sporting Goal Getter Goals:

Goal 1: Save $25 – receive a gold star pin for your lanyard and a prize

Goal 2: Save $50 – receive gold star pin and a prize

Goal 3: Save $75 – receive gold star pin and prize

Goal 4: Save $100 – receive gold star pin and prize

                If you wish to continue setting goals following your fourth goal, you will continue to receive gold stars for your lanyard.

 Gold members will be eligible to attend the summer soccer clinic with Sporting Kansas City players and end of season party on the Sprint Plaza at Sporting Park. Attendance to these events will be limited.

The program will be a yearly program running from the beginning of one soccer season to the beginning of the next.


Silver Level

- $30 fee (This level is for children outside of the Mainstreet’s Field of Membership.)

Children receive:

- Certificate of participation

- Lanyard

- One free general admission tickets to 1 select Sporting KC home game

- One ticket to Sporting Goal Getter’s end of the season party

Silver membership sign up is handled through Sporting KC’s website.

Sign up today!

Do you (or your parents) live or work in the greater Kansas City Metropolitan Area?

If YES : email your Name, email address, phone number, City and State to sgg@mainstreetcu.org You will be contacted by a Mainstreet Representative within a few days with more information. 

If NO: click here to sign up for the Silver Level   www.sportingkc.com/silvermemberships


What in the world is a Googolplex?**

A Googolplex is the largest number with a name. More than millions and trillions and billions! And this is how much knowledge Googolplex websites and newsletters contain for you!

The 5-Spot, AJ’s and C-Note contain stories, games, and puzzles for elementary, middle, and high school students.

It's all about money—earning it, saving it, spending it, and borrowing it. And, there are lots of contests to enter for chances to win cash and other prizes.


Current Googolplex stories of interest:

Get creative with clothing and accessories


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Don’t forget to check out the quarterly newsletters for information on winners and upcoming events and contests!