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Federal Regulations Affect All Debit Cards

We want all our checking account members like you to know about Regulation E and how it can affect your Debit Card transactions.


  • Occurs when you do not have enough money in your checking account to cover a transaction.
  • We can choose to process the overdraft for you. There is an overdraft fee collected to honor, process, and notify you.
  • Overdrafts apply to paper checks and electronic funds transfers (automatic payments). 

Based on Regulation E, your non-sufficient funds debit card and ATM transactions will be declined unless you “opt-in” to the overdraft privilege service. Without your opt-in, your debit card purchases at the supermarket, drug store, restaurant, or anywhere will not be honored if there is not enough money in your checking account. Likewise, you cannot withdraw cash from any ATM if your checking balance is under-funded. 
(The new federal regulations do not apply to paper checks or automatic payments.)

Here’s how you opt-in

  • Fill out, print and sign the Opt-In Form provided for you.
  • Return the opt-in form by mail or at any of our offices.
  • Or, opt-in by phone: 913.599.1010 or 888.395.1010.
  • Or, ask for a form in our office. 

While we reserve the right to decline any transaction for insufficient funds, your opt-in agreement tells us you choose to have no interruption in the daily processing of your debit card and ATM transactions. The customary overdraft fee will be added when applicable.Remember — if you decline to opt-in, federal regulation changes will not allow us to honor your insufficient funds debit card or ATM transactions. 

It costs you absolutely nothing to have the overdraft privilege service in place and it will save you embarrassment and inconvenience.

Please understand we do not encourage you to make transactions without enough money in your checking account. However, we understand circumstances or simple mistakes can create such a situation. We reserve the right to honor overdrafts at our discretion and you are liable for the amount of any transactions we honor as well as the overdraft fees.

If you use Overdraft Protection (not Overdraft Privilege), an automatic transfer from your designated account will still cover your overdraft.